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King on Management Consultants Limited

King On Management Consultants Limited is a long-established commercially proficient company offering a wide scope of professional services including Foreign Immigration, Company Secretarial Services, Corporate Taxation, Auditing, Accounting and Property Administration. Our services bring together a wide range of professionals. Our mission is to serve our clients with Creativity, Enthusiasm, Energy and Vision that ensures our clients' expectations are well fulfilled.

On accounting services, our company primarily provides simple and reliable one-stop services to our clients who are looking for an advisor with professional knowledge and integrity in navigating the Hong Kong accounting and taxation systems and delivering the optimum solutionsOn immigration, we possess a huge global network across the Asian and Western countries that allows us to keep abreast of the latest updates of foreign countries' immigration policies, and facilitate us to provide the best solutions to our clients.

We have many international customers with diverse backgrounds and specifically active in all lines of commerce and industries. We provide premium advisory services with high quality that makes the cost effective and efficient.

As our clients would testify, we support individuals and businesses, guiding them through their financial difficulties with empathy, integrity and professionalism. Besides, we also possess a true value for personal relationships with our clients and colleagues since we have been engaging and helping our clients for over 30 years.