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Corporate Financing

Corporate financing involves in a corporate strategy. Not just because of size but because they are significance. Apart from using bank loan as an additional source of funding, you may also consider to introduce institutional investors or to issue convertible bonds or to apply for listing to raise additional funds.You might want to raise capitalwith the business developmentmake an acquisition, dispose of a business, or seek a wide market for your company's shares on a stock market.

We can provide preliminary consultancy to you based on our professional knowledge, experience and network in the financial markets to help you preparing business proposal, feasibility study or market research aiming to achieve your goal and obtain success. Whatever the reason, you want to complete the deal efficiently and get the best value. Ourspecialists can help you do that.

Corporate financing services include:

-business sales and disposals
-capital markets
-mergers & acquisitions
-private equity and management buyout
-transaction advisory services