Britain is an island country surrounded by the sea. It lies in the North Atlantic Ocean off the north coast of Europe. It is separated from the rest of Europe by the English Channel in the south and the North Sea in the east.

Britain has a maritime climate -- winters are not too cold; summers are not too hot. It has a steadily reliable rainfall throughout the year. The temperature varies within a small range.

Investment Methods

Full Amount Investment
Investment Amount  £2,000,000*
Investment Type Investment in financial institutions designated by the government
Investment Period  5   years
Application Requirement Owns more than 2 million pounds available deposit
Application Processing Time   About 4 - 6 Months
Time of Obtaining Resident Status Apply for permanent residence after 5 years; Apply for citizenship after living full 9 months in the 6th year

(*) Note: Investment of 5 million and 10 million pounds investment immigration plan, which only take 3 years and 2 years to apply for permanent residence separately, other conditions are similar to 1 million pounds “Full Amount Investment”.