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New Zealand -- a small country situated in the South Pacific Ocean, with a population of about 4 million. It consists of two principal islands. New Zealand has a temperate climate, neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer. With the natural beauty of its environment, many people regard it as the last piece of clean land on the earth.

Investment Methods

  Type One Type Two
Investment Amount NZ$1,000,000 NZ$1,500,000
Investment Type Investment in financial institutions designated by the government
Investment Period 3 years 4 years
Application Requirement

a. Owns more than NZ$10,000,000 of net assets

 b. Required to prove assets from s legitimate source

a. At least 3 years experience in management
b. IELTS average grade must up to three points
c. Owns more than NZ$1,500,000 of net assets
d. Required to prove assets from s legitimate source

Application Processing Time                                         About 3 Months
Time of Obtaining Resident Status 3 years

4 years