Singapore -- an Asian tropical island, comprising a main island and 63 smaller islands, located in Southeast Asia. It is not only the temperature change, but also adequate rainfall, as well as animal and plant growth that reflect the characteristics of a tropical island. Singapore's geographical location makes it one of the crossroads of the world. Favorable geographical conditions make it develop into a major commercial, transport, communications and tourism center.

Investment Methods

  Type One Type Two
Investment Amount SG$10,000,000 SG$2,500,000
Investment Type Investment in local financial assets Investment in government designated fund companies, fund companies invest inentrepreneurial enterprises
Investment Period                                                         5 years
Application Requirement

a. Owns more than SG$10,000,000 of net assets

b. Required to prove assets from legitimate source

a. At least 3 years experience in management

b. Need to submit 3 years financial statements of the applicant’s enterprise 

Application Processing Time                                                 About 6 Months
Time of Obtaining Resident Status                                                        2 years